31st Night Prophecies for 2017 by PROPHET Sylvia Ametorwobla

1. To pray for the nation. Pray against any spirit of death on prominent people.

2. Pray against a small earthquake in the McCarthy Hill area and the crack in the bridge

3. Pray against the spirit of HIV. If possible members are advised to go along with their own items to the salons ( target area for spread)

4. Pray for our children and keep a watchful eye on them when we take them to school. A lot of kids will be kidnapped in 2017

4. Pray for Ghanaians resident abroad in the USA. Tough times expected and most will relocate home. Most will acquire their green card and some their naturalization status

5. Anyone who wants to travel to the USA should write the date down and pray about it. Lots of visas to be given to Ghanaians from the American embassy.

6.The financial institutions will do well ,but there will be a lot of lay off s .

7.Two banks r likely to be sold to other banks .lack of better words or terms

8.The Agriculture sector will experience a breakthrough

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Source: www.candofamily.org

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