Dog kills 14 residents in Gomoa Budumburam

Related imageFourteen (14) people have died of rabies at Gomoa Budumburam in the Central Region.

The figure could be higher according to residents in the area as several others have also been bitten by the rabies infected dogs.

Some of the residents who spoke to Adom News Monday are predicting more people could be infected with the preventable viral disease transmitted through the bite of rabid animals if nothing is done about the situation.

As an immediate measure, residents have vowed to kill any dog seen in town to protect their lives.

Listen to some affected residents

Chief of Gomoa Budumbura, Nana Kojo Essel II expressed discomfort with the disinterest of pet owners to get them immunized.

He encouraged the people to report any dog bite to the designated centres for action.

Nana Essel II said he will liaising with the police to arrest any dog owner who does not chain its pet.

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