He’s working Salvation

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Today’s Scripture: Psalm 74:12 KJV “[12] For God is my King of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth.”

All over the world people are crying for salvation from hunger, oppression, abuse and serious injustice because evil is on the increase; leaders and presidents don’t seem to have the answers, the only way out is to call on God. It is God who founded the heavens and the earth and has all the answers that mankind needs to turn things around.

God has from time immemorial been working out the salvation of man from eternal destruction; He sent His son Jesus to die for the sins of mankind. It is therefore no surprise that at the hearing of the word of God the sick receive healing, the dead come back to life and broken lives are changed and restored because our God is the God of salvation. He is the king of old who yearns that all will be saved.

Why harden your heart to the voice of God; why seek for salvation in places that will not last. It is time to turn to Jesus, who is the way the truth and the life. Open up your heart and receive Him today.

Prayer for Today: Father I thank you for your Today, that your will and desire for my life is that I be saved. I open up my heart to receive Jesus as my lord and savior, Amen

By Cecil&Ama Dodoo: candofamily.org

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