His Voice Commeth

niiScripture for Today:  Acts 7:31 KJV
“When Moses saw it , he wondered at the sight: and as he drew near to behold it , the voice of the Lord came unto him,”

The voice of the lord comes to us in various ways that we cannot imagine: on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Text or watsapp messages. A young man who was determined the to commit suicide, saw an inscription on a commercial vehicle that said “Don’t give up, press on” and he repented of his evil plans.

Moses saw that which was miraculous to his eyes and as he drew near the voice of the lord came to him; what is God using to catch your attention this morning?: the painting on the wall or the screensaver on your computer? It is important to surround yourself with Godly things can make it easy for you to hear his voice and get close to him!

As his word comes to you today in various ways, do not harden up your heart in disobedience, He loves you and wants the best for you today! Heed to His voice.

Prayer for Today :Father I thank you for your word today, I open up my heart, mind and spirit to hear your voice in Jesus name, Amen

Inspiration for Today by Cecil & Ama Dodoo : candofamily.org

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