Islamic scholar welcomes Zongo ministry

Islamic scholar Superintendent Mohammed Muktari Adam has urged the Minister-designate for Inner City and Zongo Development to create more opportunities to build the capacity of the youth in the community rather than hand out monies to them to trade with.

Although the creation of the new ministry has been met with mixed reactions, the Islamic scholar said it was welcome news and urged Zongo communities to take advantage of the initiative to improve their socio-economic development.

Speaking to Class News, he said: “Because Allah knows the way he created all of us, that is why he said that those who are rich should take care of the poor and that one will develop our community or the Zongo, but if we are not doing it and now the president of the nation is saying that [he is] going to develop Zongos for us and there is a fund that is being created to cater for the needs of the Zongo, it’s welcome news.”

Mr Adam advised Zongo communities not to expect handouts from the ministry but skills training to help develop themselves.

“Some of my brothers and sisters are of the view that money will be given to them to start trading or doing one or two things [with], but I see it from that angle to be wrong. We should rather be [trained], we should get the skills so that from there we can build upon. If you should give [them] money, somebody will take the money today and will not go and establish anything. He will squander the money, so by the four years to come you will see that Zongo will remain the way it is,” he added.


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