Land guards strike in Adjiriganno

Land guards numbering about 32 have visited mayhem on the innocent residents at Adjiriganno, a suburb of Accra.

The land guards, who were armed to the teeth Today gathered vandalized properties, tormented and obstructed property owners from embarking on any developmental project on their lands during the early hours of their illicit activities in the area.

The land guards wielding cudgels, sledge hammers and crowbars, Today learnt recently went about terrorizing residents.

The modus of the group was to lay claims to some tract of all lands that have not been developed in the area.

The land guards, according to information available to Today drove to the area in three unregistered cars, and on seven motor bikes, destroying properties worth several thousands of Ghana Cedis in the area.

The reports said the land guards drove to the area in the early hours of the morning, and destroyed houses and plots walled by their prospective owners in the area.

Addressing a press conference in Accra yesterday, caretaker chief of Bortianor in the Ga South Municipal Assembly, under the Asere Divisional Stool of the Ga Traditional Council; Nii Hefo Betsofa Asere I, who happened to be one of the victims of the landguard raid disclosed that the group destroyed over five hundred pieces of cement blocks he had parked on a said land in the area.

He further disclosed that, the land guards destroyed the structures that served as store room for the safe keeping of valuable items as well as the sleeping place for the young man who was the caretaker of the property.

According to him, he bought the said land on October 10, 2010 from Jonathan Affotey Odai and Samuel Affotey Tetteh joint heads and lawful representatives of the Ashong Mliste of Odaitei Tse We of Teshie on behalf of Mr. and Mrs Owusu Darko with Land Title Registry reference number 004517/2009.

The chief of Bortianor said it beats his imagination how the land guard managed to trespass on the said property that has all its documents intact.

According to him, even though the property belongs to him, he had sold it out to a couple who until recently were engaged in some family feud.


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