Landlord kills tenant for failing to flush toilet

A landlord is currently at large after he allegedly clubbed a tenant with a metallic object which has led to the victim’s death three days after the attack.

The victim according to Abdul Razak our reporter, complained of severer pains before meeting her untimely death.

The suspect, Mr. Oppong allegedly hit the deceased with the metallic object after she reportedly failed to flush the household toilet after using it.

According to Abdul Razak, the landlord had complained severally on the failure of the tenants to flush the toilet after using it.

He said, the landlord confronted Nana Konadu now deceased after she had used the place; asking why she failed to flush the toilet. Nana Konadu reportedly hailed insults on the landlord who later hit her with the metal object.

Nana Konadu who is physically challenged complained of severe pains and was later sent to the hospital but died while on admission, he added.

The incident occurred at Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo region.


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