The Little Boy Who Sleeps With Huge Python

A Cambodian boy, Uorn Sambath, who has made an unlikely friend with a 220-pound python snake. The snake, named Chamroeun, which means “progress” crawled into their lives as a baby snake seven years ago, when Uorn was only three months old.
 According to his parents, Uorn used to sleep together with the snake in his cradle, and learned to crawl with him. Their bizarre bond has turned the pair into a tourist attraction in their remote village. The python only eats chicken, about 22 pounds per week, which has become quite a financial strain to the family
It has been one or two years since I have seen this kid and his best friend, the python is growing up fast, look how big it is now, just hope the friendship will last.
Parents should be more careful because wild animal becomes very wild as it’s getting bigger it needs more attention .

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