US based philanthropists donate defibrillator to Bolgatanga Regional Hospital

A US based couple, Len and Chris Bierbriers have donated defibrillator estimated at $8,700 to the Bogatanga Regional Hospital.

The move is in response to the needs and challenges in the cardiac care of the facility after the only defibrillator broke down years ago and has since not been replaced prompting Len Bierbrier, President and CEO of the Len Bierbrier Development Company in Cambridge to come to their aid.

Dubbed the ‘defibrillator project’ , it came out of Chris’s desire to bring her husband, Len Bierbrier to Ghana to gain first hand insight about the tremendous work Routes to Africa is doing through Program of Strengthening Community Organisation and Management ( POSCOM) and Donald Amuah.

It was necessary to conduct a pre-visit assessment of cardiac facilities in area and it emerged that in the rather unlikely case of cardiac emergency, facilities could be accessed only in Accra, entailing the necessity to figure out medical facilities and possibilities.

To bring issues of cardiac problems to the door step of residents within the coverage areas, the defibrillator was procured by the couple after their initial assessment at GH¢ 37,000 ($8,700.00).

“It comes as a complete package, covering installation, training and maintenance for year”. Mr Osmond Amuah who co-ordinated the procurement and delivery process of the Machine from Engisys Ltd disclosed and said he was grateful to Bierbrier’s for the support and contributions.

He further stated that, the defibrillator will serve over two million inhabitants from both the Upper East and West in the Northern part of Ghana as it is the only functioning one in the area expressing his appreciation to the Management of EngiSys LTD.

A team from the Regional Hospital Management Team, led by Dr Patrick Atoborah who received the item were so delighted and expressed their gratitude not just from the hospital and its management but the entire residents of the region for the gesture.


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